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12 Simple Ways to Ahead of Your Business Goals in 2023 (Before 2022 is over)

marketing mindfulness to get more students

The holidays often end up being a time of the 3 Ps for me: presence, pausing, and planning.

🥰 Enjoying the presence of the people I love ⏸️ Pausing to reflect on my wins and lessons from the year past 🖊️ Planning ways to maximize my impact, fulfillment, and joy in the upcoming year

And while most people might dread the last part (planning and strategizing), it's something that lights me up (almost as much as a cup of mulled wine at the Christmas markets 😁).

So when planning to help you have a bigger impact (& more revenues) with your mindfulness business in 2023, I get excited thinking about some simple marketing tips that'll help you reach more people in the last two weeks of 2022 AND plant the seeds for greater success in 2023.

These take less than 10 minutes to execute but can result in dozens more new clients and students for you!

1. Repurpose and reshare content

It’s easy to think that if you’ve posted about something once (through email or social media), you can’t post it again. Did you send out a great newsletter and can now take snippets of it to post on social media? Or vice versa? Think outside the box with ways you could use what you’ve already written to impact the people who may not yet seen it. (And the people who already did see it might be more than happy to see it again so don't be shy about sharing your wisdom!)

So take a couple minutes to reshare the posts or piece of content that got a lot of positive responses from your subscribers or social followers! (Curious about the one piece of content I shared in 2022 that the most mindfulness teachers loved? 7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Selling and Turn It Into a Love of Serving).

2. Review your analytics to create a round-up of your BEST OF 2022

Reviewing website data about your 2022 blog posts or articles allows you to know what your audience enjoyed most. You can then use this knowledge to expand deeper on something you’ve already shared. You can even create a “round-up” type blog/article with the top 5 or 10 most popular things you shared this year that people loved. Then share this with your email list or post it on social media for higher engagement. (I show you which marketing metrics to track to help more people here).

3. Add 10 organizations to your “Dream 100” list every day

If you’re teaching mindfulness in the workplace, what companies would you most looove to work with? If you’re bringing mindfulness to organizations, which organizations do you most want to help? Teaching mindfulness to individuals in a specific community? What’s a community event you’d love to present at?

Create a new spreadsheet right now. Add 10 organizations you’d love to work with or community events you’d love to teach mindfulness at in 2023. Add 10 more every day until you have a list of 100 dream clients you can reach out to in 2023. (Russel Brunson and Chet Holmes termed this the Dream 100 strategy). Need a done-for-you outreach email template to get in touch with potential workplace/organizational clients? Grab it as a bonus to my Grow Your Mindfulness Community Pack.

4. Create your content calendar for the first quarter

Creating great content helps you stay visible online so that more of the right people will be attracted to your work. It's also a great for you to provide value and build authority and expertise. Want to get ahead of planning what to write about during the first quarter of 2023? Grab your free content calendar template here.

5. Review your website copy for "YOU" vs "I"

As you take a quick skim through your website, can you find ways to ensure your message connects with your website visitors on a deeper level? Do a quick fun exercise of counting the number of "I" or "me" vs "you" on your home page. Then, you can do the same for your About and Services pages to make sure they're client-centric too. Shifting the language to focus more on your students/clients ( by using "you") will do wonders in helping you turn website visitors into clients!

6. Reflect on your social media engagement

If you use multiple social media platforms in your marketing, consider which social media platform you got the most clients/students from this year. Review data on some of your most popular posts to see what they had in common. Then consider focusing more of your marketing efforts on the ONE platform that worked best for you in 2022. (If teaching mindfulness to companies/workplaces is in the cards for you in 2023, LinkedIn might be a great one to utilize more! Use coupon code HOLIDAYS to get my LinkedIn Training for 50% off before Dec 31.)

7. Make a list of at least 12 things you’re proud of in your business this year

How many students or clients did you work with in 2022? How many pieces of helpful content, videos, or meditations did you share? Reflecting back on your wins will not only give you a warm fuzzy feeling. It'll also give you an extra boost of motivation to keep your great work going if things ever feel tough!

Don't ever forget, YOUR work, your voice, your presence matters....sooo much more than most people will ever tell you. ❤️

8. Ask for feedback

Send out a survey or one-to-one emails to your past students or subscribers and ask what they’d love to see more of in 2023. Use that feedback to create more great content and offers for them next year. [And if there's anything specific you'd love to know about getting more students and growing your revenues in 2023, just click here and let me know...I'm all (elf) ears.☺️ ]

9. Review your social media bios

Just as we mentioned reviewing your website copy in tip #5, this is an invitation to look at your social media bios (such as LinkedIn about section) with fresh eyes. Does it still ring true? Is it written in a way that makes it enticing for the right people to contact you if they have a need that match what you're offering? (I offer a LinkedIn About section template as a bonus in my LinkedIn for Mindfulness Teachers Training )

10. Schedule your social media posts in advance

Save yourself the overwhelm of trying to decide what to post on your social media. There's plenty of free or low-cost tools out there like Canva, HootSuite, Later, Planoly that allow you to upload all your social media posts at once and schedule them out to be posted so you can batch your work and save yourself the headache. (If you have a hard time finding inspiration for your social content, check out these 365 brandable social media templates for mindfulness teachers here from my dear friends at Mindfulness Exercises. Affiliate link but only because I truly believe this can save you hours and hours of time and help you bring lots of value to your audience.)

11. Craft a plan for landing workplace/organizational clients

Want to teach mindfulness to more organizations in 2023? Do a quick google search of a few of the companies you want to reach out to and learn more about the challenges they might be having right now so you can prepare the best invitation (pitch) for them to work with you. Another helpful resource from Mindfulness Exercises is this podcast episode with Michael Taft where he talks about ideas that helped him bring mindfulness to Silicon Valley's well-known tech giants.

12. Put The Gap & The Gain on your reading list

Out of all the business-related books I read in 2022, this one was hands down my favorite! If you ever struggle with feeling like you're not doing enough/should be doing more but don't have a system in place to acknowledge all the progress you're making, this book's for you!! You'll definitely find a lot of parallels to mindfulness in there too. It's called The Gap and The Gain: The High Achievers' Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

BONUS TIP: Optimize the health of your email list

I know this sounds counter-intuitive but encouraging unsubscribes once in a while can be a good thing. The health of your email list is key in helping you reach more of the right people who will be excited about what you're offering. Having the wrong people on your email list (those who either didn't sign up voluntarily or have no interest in the type of work you're doing) can actually result in lower open rates, click rates, and engagement.

So before the end of the year, consider putting a quick note in your emails reminding people how being on your email list helps them and a way they can always unsubscribe if this isn't the kind of value they want to receive right now. [That being said, if you're on my email list and are NOT interested in ways to grow a successful and impactful mindfulness business, you can always unsubscribe in the footer of my emails - still sending you all the looove even in that case.]

Sending you lots of Holiday cheeeeer for all to hear!

❤️ Simona

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