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3 Key Marketing Metrics to Help You Maximize Your Impact

Online marketing for mindfulness teachers - key marketing metrics to keep in mind

If your aim is to reach as many people as possible with your mindfulness services, there are 3 numbers that can be tremendously helpful in your marketing efforts.

Knowing these allows you to focus your energy so that you're not wasting time on activities that don't propel you forward...or spending money on products or services you don't need.

You see, there's a whole journey that a potential client or student goes through before they're ever ready to sign up for your services.

As a consumer, you experience this customer journey almost every day when you purchase new products or services. I talk more about this journey in my 5 Steps to Building a Sustainable Business mini-course but here's the bottom line:

You must have a way to connect with AND nurture potential clients before they'll ever be ready to sign-up for your services.

Create a solid plan to cultivate relationships with your audience

One of the mistakes that so many make in marketing is trying to "sell" too soon.

They invite people to sign up for their classes or programs when:

1) they're not reaching the right people...those who will most resonate with them

2) they're not educating people about how mindfulness can solve their current challenges

3) they haven't built enough trust or their audience isn't ready to sign up YET

The mindful approach to marketing that helps overcome this mistake is cultivating relationships over time.

This means nurturing potential leads, being patient and trusting - all the while having an actionable plan in place to keep providing value to your audience on a consistent basis.

3 Key Marketing Metrics to Track

So with all of that in mind, here are 3 Key Marketing Metrics to write down and track so that you can focus your marketing efforts as you plan out your strategy for the second half of 2021.

1) Desired Revenue (Assuming you're teaching mindfulness for profit or wish to make it a full-time career in the future)

  • How much revenue do you want (or need to) bring in from your mindfulness business every month in order to meet your income needs? How much revenue would allow you to keep growing and investing in the business so that you can keep helping more people and maximizing your impact (without having to worry about your own needs)?

2) Desired Number of Clients/Students

  • How many clients or students would you need to be serving every month in order to reach your revenue goals? How many people would you LOVE to serve if you exceeded your income needs and didn't have to worry about the financial aspect of things?

3) Target Reach

  • How many new people do you need to be reaching every month in order to get your target number of clients/students every month?

Calculating your Target Reach Number

So here's how you can calculate that last number and know how many people you need to be reach. Marketing research shows that out of every 100 people that learn about your services, only about 2-5% will actually sign up.

Let's say you want to serve 10 NEW students or clients every month. You would need to effectively market your services so that 200-500 new people find out about you and start the customer journey every month.

So if you get the right traffic to your website (from word of mouth, PR efforts, social media etc.) and 300 new people get on your email list every month, you now have a chance to start cultivating a relationship with them.

So to help you set clear and tangible expectations for how many of those on your email list will engage (assuming you send out valuable content consistently), here are some other important stats to keep in mind:

Out of every 100 people on your email list:

  • About 20 will actually open your email (20% open rate)

  • Between 3-5 will click on a link in your email (if you include one)...such as to learn more about your upcoming class (3-5% click-through rate)

So out of every 100 people on your list, 3-5 are likely to take action...assuming that your content speaks specifically to their needs, hopes, and desires.

If you get 300 people on your email list and nurture them consistently, about 12 are likely to eventually become your clients or students.

Hopefully this gives you a better picture of how to start or continue implementing your marketing strategy so that you can truly have the impact you want to have.

woman working on computer and putting together marketing strategy

At this point you might be how do I actually get in front of so many people every month?

I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but don't worry - there's lots of different strategies you can implement. And the best part is that once you start automating some of these processes, you save yourself soo much time in the future!

The best strategy for your business ultimately depends on your audience/ideal client profile and the way in which you most enjoy providing value to people (writing, videos, guided meditations) even before they sign up for your services.

If you want to gain actionable marketing insights and strategies that will best help you get the word out about your specific mindfulness offerings, we'd love to have you join us in the upcoming Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers course. Enrollment for the next group will be open June 21-27, 2021 - save your spot here.

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