3 Ways to Market Your Services Without Social Media

Marketing without social media? Is that even possible nowadays?

Are you one of the many people who doesn't enjoy spending time on social media? Or perhaps you simply don't have time to post on a consistent basis? Here's the good news...you can grow your mindfulness business and have an impact even without social media.

That doesn't meant you won't have to provide value to your target audience through sharing at least some of your wisdom or time upfront. But it does mean that you can do it through avenues other than posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. No more feeling anxious about not getting as much of a response as you hoped or trying to figure out what to post tomorrow.

The 3 approaches outlined below will help you build brand awareness, establish trust with your audience, and ultimately increase the number of sign ups and bookings for your services.

1. Grow your website traffic organically

Optimizing your website for search engines helps you grow your traffic organically - without ads or without directing people to your site through other sources.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “SEO” tossed around by online marketers. It refers to Search Engine Optimization. This describes how easily someone can find your website by performing a search on one a search engine like Google.

When your website copy and your blogs are optimized for search engines by using the right keywords, it makes it much easier for potential clients to find you organically. When they type in a search phrase, how likely is your website going to show up? It depends on a few factors.

If you're not working with a copywriter to create SEO optimized content for you, here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you write:

  • Are you clear on your niche/ideal client? What are their needs, hopes, desires, and challenges?

  • What kind of phrases would they be looking for that your services would be a match to?

  • What kinds of questions would they be Googling about mindfulness that you can answer?

Consider writing blog posts that answer these questions and provide your readers with easy tips and ideas they can implement today. The key is creating quality content that is relevant to what your audience is searching for.

If you need some ideas for creating content and finding the right keywords, check out How to Get Ideas for Your Next Blog, Social Media Post, or Newsletter.

Being a mindful marketer is all about being client-centric. As you give your audience what they're already hoping to find, you'll build trust and authority.

Those who land on your website as a result of Googling something are more likely to sign up for your email list or even book your services. That's because they'll see you as a source of authority on the subject of mindfulness.

Growing traffic to your website through this approach takes time, but is a more sustainable means of growing your mindfulness business. The content you put on your website has a much longer shelf life than social media posts because it will be there until you decide to take it down (if you ever do).

Computer and smartphone as tools for marketing with or without social media

2. Network with organizations who also help your audience

Another way to get more clients - without having a social media following - is to partner up with other individuals or organizations who are also providing services for your target audience. This is about collaboration, not competition.

You want to find those who are already serving your clients with complimentary services.

This is where understanding your target client is key. Let's say you focus on mindfulness for parents or kids. Where else do they go for parenting-related advice? Are there any parenting wellness summits, podcasts, or online conferences you could volunteer to speak at?

Perhaps there aren't any other mindfulness or meditation topics address in these summits, podcasts, or conferences. This allows you to reach your audience and set yourself apart as the expert. It builds awareness of your brand and allows you to direct listeners to your website so they can sign up for your next class or program.

  • Think about where your target audience is hanging out and then reach out to those organizations.

  • Ask how you can collaborate with them to bring value to their clients, readers or listeners.

  • Be sure to include a call to action where you invite them to visit your website, download your lead magnet or contact you directly.

This is a great approaching to public relations and networking online. Make it a consistent part of your marketing efforts, and you won't have to rely on social media to get warm leads.

3. Direct Outreach

Direct outreach refers to finding the people who would most benefit from your help and reaching out to them directly - via email, phone, or in person. Now before you completely shun this approach, I invite you to take a mindful pause.

Consider how many helpful services or products you ended up buying from a complete stranger who reached out to you for the first time. I'm sure you can think of connections that you would've never made if it wasn't for that other person reaching out to you first.

Now think about how many lives you may be missing out on changing because your target audience simply doesn't know your services exist.

By shifting your focus to those you want to help, the idea of cold-calling or cold-emailing can be turned upside down. Of course you don't want to invade the privacy of those who would have absolutely zero interest in learning mindfulness...

That's why you must understand the audience you want to help and find the ones who are already seeking out similar kinds of information. Only then does it make sense to approach them without feeling like your outreach won't be welcome.

Marketing is ultimately a game of numbers. For every 100 people you reach out to, a large majority won't respond. But there will probably be at least a handful who will be interested in and a few who have been seeking someone exactly like you to help them!

So how do you go about reaching out to your target audience - once you know where they hand out and what their needs, hopes, and aspirations are?

If your niche was mindfulness in the workplace for example, you could choose a geographic area and a certain industry to start reaching out to. Then you would call or email businesses in that industry. You would connect with the individuals you speak to on a personal level before explaining how bringing mindfulness into their organization could help them solve some of the issues they may be facing such as lack of focus or teamwork.

While this approach often takes courage (after all, none of us want to be rejected), the antidote is keeping in mind why you started. This isn’t about you - this is about helping those who could benefit from mindfulness. And you can’t help them if they don’t know that your services even exist!

Market mindfully - with or without social media

If social media is just not your thing and you’ve been wanting looking for another way to reach your audience, try one of these three approaches over the next week. Even if you are using social media in your business, you will benefit tremendously from using at least one or two of these strategies as part of your marketing plan. Using these strategies can be a highly effective way to boost engagement and get more new clients.

All of these approaches can be done both mindfully and authentically. Simply think about the golden rule in your marketing-related efforts:

  • Are you treating potential clients the way you would want to be treated?

  • Are you providing value and keeping your focus on their needs?

  • Are you sharing from a place of detachment, without striving for a certain outcome?

  • Are you trusting in the interconnectedness of everything and knowing that the right people will find your message?

Put your message out there sweet soul. Trust in the law of numbers. The more people you help with your content, the more you share your wisdom, the more you build up your authority and credibility. Over time, you can’t help but become an expert in particular mindfulness niche...and that is the doorway to transforming the lives of even more people.

Been wanting to simplify your marketing efforts so you can build and grow your mindfulness business more sustainably? Check out my free mini-course with 5 steps to build your mindfulness business here.