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5 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Marketing Your Business

Growing a business that makes a big positive impact is hard. It takes love, courage, persistence, and patience.

When you first start out, you feel excited about the opportunity to help people, make a great living, and have a big impact. And it's absolutely normal to also come up against inner resistance when it comes to marketing your offers.

As you work to promote your business, acquire more clients or customers, and leave a positive mark on the world, you may find yourself feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by all the things you “should” be doing to get your message in front of more people and to market yourself online?

  • Exhausted with trying so hard to help others and provide value but not feeling recognized or appreciated for what you're sharing with others?

  • Discouraged when people just aren’t signing up for your services or even responding to your efforts to reach out and help them?

If you've ever struggled with any of these, know that these are a natural part of being an entrepreneur. But you don’t have to let these stop you from making an impact, healing yourself, and healing others.

You can use the struggle, the resistance, the fear, the anxiety, the discouragement and *all* the feels that come with being a business owner as a practice to deepen your strength, your courage, and your compassion.

When it comes to promoting your conscious business, here are 5 of the most common inner struggles that come up and 5 ways to work with each. Use the empowering belief provided under each to change the resistance into confidence so you can confidently share your work and help more of the people you want to help!

1. You’re worried that people won’t respond to what you're sharing

As a conscious business owner, you might sometimes find yourself asking "Is what I'm doing even making a difference?" “Is what I’m sharing through my posts or emails even landing with anyone?”

More often than not, what you’re sharing IS helping people. But they won’t always tell you that unless you ask. Think of the times you’ve come across helpful content but perhaps didn’t have time to let the other person know.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep putting in the work when you feel like what you’re sharing isn’t being recognized by others and you're getting very minimal responses or engagement. This can often be mitigated by understanding the people you’re trying to reach. The deeper you know your niche, the easier it will be to share content that resonates and that people respond to in a positive way.

Resistant belief: “I’m afraid people won’t resonate with this or that nobody will respond to what I’m sharing.”

Empowering belief: “There will be at least ONE person whose life my message or content can transform today. Even if they don’t tell me about it, I know I’m changing the lives of more people than I can imagine.”

2. You’re worried you’ll bother people by talking about your offerings

Worried that you’ll be bothering people if you talk about your services or offerings? Or if you send out another email? Or publish another social media post that talks about your latest offer?

First, recognize that you're providing an offering from a true place of wanting to be of service. You're not forcing anyone to sign up - they always have the free choice to click or not to click to learn more or sign up. If you detach yourself from the outcome and know that you have something that will help them, it's up to them to decide if it's for them. (It's also up to your message to be clear so that they understand your offer).

Are you only using your online presence to promote your offerings? Or are you only sharing helpful tips and value but never telling people how they can actually work with you?

In mindful marketing, it all comes down to providing value through your content and not being afraid to invite people to experience the transformation by signing up to work with you. The secret to feeling good about your marketing lies in the balance between the two.

Resistant belief: “People will be annoyed if I talk about my offerings too much.”

Empowering belief: “I’m confident in the value my offerings provide. I'm excited to give more people the opportunity to experience the transformation I bring by letting them know how they can work with me.”

3. You struggle with reaching out to potential ideal clients directly

You can’t help people if they don’t know you exist. Depending on your ideal audience and your marketing plan, sometimes this means you need to reach out to your ideal clients send that email to someone influential that you’d love to work with. Or to create a list of your ideal clients and then have a process in place for contacting them.

The fear of rejection is bound to come up here.

And yes, it will happen - some people might not need what you’re offering right now. And that’s ok. Instead, it helps to keep your focus on the people who will appreciate what you’re doing. Those people are why you started doing the work you’re doing to begin with!

Resistant belief: “What if I contact hundreds of people about my business and nobody responds? Or what if they don’t like what I’m sharing or offering? I might be rejected…so what’s the point of even trying?”

Empowering belief: “Every time I reach out to someone new with my offering, I provide an opportunity to make their life easier or better. I love sharing my work with people and am not worried about those who don’t resonate it with it, because I know there will be those who are looking for the exact thing I’m offering!”

4. You don’t want to appear boastful when sharing your success

We’ve all seen those marketers that show off their flashy cars while talking about their business. And I know that’s not you. Plus, your conscious clients are unlikely to respond to those messages anyway.

But sharing your successes is often one of the most effective ways to get new clients because it shows that the work you’re doing is impacting others already! (And that's going to get more of your ideal audience excited to work with you too!)

If you’re worried that sharing your wins, success stories, testimonials, or case studies will sound like you’re just boasting about yourself, consider that your wins might inspire others more than you ever thought.

Resistant belief: “I don’t want people to think that I’m arrogant when I share my successes or wins.”

Empowering belief: “When people see the ways that I’ve been able to grow and overcome challenges, they’ll be inspired to know they can do the same.”

5. You struggle to position yourself as an expert AND fellow human

Do you ever struggle with wanting to be authentic, vulnerable, AND be known as a thought leader or expert? The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Just because you can help people with something, it doesn’t mean you have to be “perfect” in everything. We’re all human. We all have weak spots and areas of vulnerability.

Being your true self really is THE best way to connect to people. Think of people you’ve done business with because you resonated with them on a human level - not just because they were good at what they do professionally.

Resistant belief: “If I share the vulnerable sides of me, people won’t think I can help them solve their problems and won’t hire me.”

Empowering belief: “I am confident in the value that my work provides and in the love and effort I put into what I do for others. I love connecting with people at a level beyond the roles we play in the world of business because I know they appreciate our common humanity as much as I do.”

“If you stop trying to make yourself more than you are, out of fear that you are less than you are, whoever you really are will be a lot lighter and happier and easier to live with, too.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn


Working with the inner resistance that comes up in business can be a beautiful opportunity to deepen your own healing, reduce anxiety, and feel more fulfillment and joy (all while helping others).

When you’re sharing your work with others through your business, it can also be common to experience:

  • impostor syndrome (a.k.a. that feeling of "who am I to be teaching this to others? What if they find out I’m a fraud")

  • insecurity around pricing or asking for money

  • overwhelm with *all* the business/marketing stuff

Join Jess Lipman and I in a live workshop on March 9 as we address these common struggles with mindfulness practice and business systems to help conscious business owners reach more people and have a bigger impact with their work.

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