What's an Impact Retreat? And How Can It Help You Grow Your Mindfulness Business?

A few weekends ago, I got the idea to do something on a whim - and it turned out to be super inspiring and helpful in helping me sharpen my focus and clarity for my business.

If you ever feel like you're constantly trying to help more people but you'd love to have an even bigger impact, then you may find this idea super helpful as you plan for the quarter or year ahead!

It may be time for you to do an Impact Retreat!

That's exactly what I did on that one beautiful Saturday morning. It helped me to plan out some actionable new ideas that I could use to help more of my ideal clients!

So what did that look like? And how can you use this idea to do your own Impact Retreat?


So here's what I did and how you can use this as inspiration to do the same:

I blocked out the whole day to be alone, go out in nature, and reconnect with my higher vision. My focus was to gain more clarity on the impact I want to have on the world through my business while challenging myself to dream big and think of new and creative ways to achieve my goals.

Bringing just my backpack filled with a bottle of water, some fruit and nuts, and my journal and pen, I headed to a nearby beach tucked away from the summer tourist crowd.

As I sat on the smooth colorful pebbles and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks, I contemplated how exactly I want to share my knowledge, skills, and experience to help serve more people.

beach and pebbles in southern Albania

With an awareness of my mortality and a fresh beginners mind, I gave myself permission to dream big...to visualize the best-case scenarios while trying to be curious and non-judgmental about any doubts that surfaced.

Afterwards, I got back home re-energized, full of new ideas, and excited about taking the next steps to helping bring more mindfulness to our world.

As I was preparing to guide my students in effectively navigating the world of digital marketing in the Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers course, I realized the importance of helping them reconnect with this bigger vision first. This does wonders in driving creativity, innovation, and motivation as a fuel to serving more people!

So now I'd love to challenge you to also set aside a day to do your own Impact Retreat...

Think of it as a quarterly or semi-annual vision, goal & strategy review, but with a deeper focus on how you want to be of service to others.

To help, I put together a free workbook for you where I listed some of the questions I used in my own Impact Retreat.

I know these will be super-helpful in helping you hone your vision too! And that will then allow you to craft a solid plan that you can use to grow your impact!

Claim your free workbook below:

Hope you find it helpful...would love to hear how your retreat goes!

If you feel like not knowing how to do online marketing is keeping you from having a greater impact with your mindfulness business, you can learn more about my online marketing course for mindfulness teachers here. Or book a marketing consulting VIP day where I will help you identify and fix any part of your marketing strategy that is keeping you from touching more lives and getting more sign-ups.